A pattern full of dinosaurs!


Title: Future Fish ~Rin Matsuoka Ver~
Artist: 松岡凛(CV:宮野真守)
Played: 1584 times

Tatsun Diary Translation - Saturday 30th August 2014

KyoAni Collab.


I’d heard about the Free! and Kyoukai no Kanata Premium Shop. I thought “Since I appear in both I should go visit”. So, being driven by a sense of duty I went and had a look around when I had a break from work.

As I entered at ease I thought, “Well, honestly I don’t think anyone’s gonna find me out.” to which I was actually recognised immediately. However, in that one moment I saw the happy look on the staff member’s face I gladly thought, “With the work I do, I guess this is another way of showing how well it’s loved”.

It isn’t just my voice in these shows but it makes me happy to play such loved characters. Someone up there must like me. (Lit. Someone behind the scenes is giving me more blessings that I deserve)

From now on, I’ll always think I’m quite fortunate when I look at Makoto or Hiroomi.

No matter where I am or what I’m doing I’ll know I’m blessed when I see photos. (Not sure)

If I could have, it would have been nice to have bought some merchandise.